NuCalf colostrum range

Complete replacer and colostrum supplement available. NuCalf® colostrum is a bovine colostrum feedstuff designed to supplement maternal colostrum when there is a short supply of good quality maternal colostrum. NuCalf® Complete colostrum is designed specifically to replace maternal colostrum when in short supply or insufficient quality.

Features and benefits

  • Sourced from high health, disease free, European herds: EBL, IBR, Johne’s and TB free.
  • Natural bovine colostrum powder
  • Protein and fat for energy and muscle development
  • Full-fat colostrum containing a natural immune support package, nutrients and biologically active factors for development and maturation of the immune and gastrointestinal system
  • Easy to mix

Physical Form


Available sizes

200g single feed milk bottle

2kg tub 10 feeds

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