Our Services

Our nutritionists and research specialists are the best in their field. Their in-depth knowledge of production, nutrition and ingredients, combined with the research capabilities of the Cargill group enable them to offer you a range of high-performing, innovative and sustainable nutritional programmes tailored to your needs.


  • Muck sieve and Polispec digestibility assessment
  • Bespoke mineral and ration formulation – digital nutrition
  • THI monitoring
  • Feed management assessment
  • Nutritional and production expertise
  • CNS


  • Mycotoxin analysis
  • Farm review: Welfare Plus assessment, environmental monitoring
  • Nutritional services: farm specific formulations, premix, toll manufacture
  • Performance benchmarking and trial work: young animal nutrition, additives
  • Digital solutions:
    • PorkMax nutrition optimisation software
    • Agriness
    • Bin Sentry


  • Bespoke premix formulation
  • Farm audit
  • Galleon: Gut microbiota assessment
  • Fat pad evaluation in layers
  • Digital offering
    • Agriness
    • Bin Sentry
    • Birdoo

Pet and Equine

  • Bespoke premix formulation
  • Regulatory support and advice

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